Re: [Evolution] Google calendar issue...

On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 09:44 -0500, Eric Lorenz wrote:
I am a new Evolution user (v. 2.28.3, came from Thunderbird) on Ubuntu
10.04. It has been working great, and I love the integration with
GNOME/Ubuntu. I have my calendars pulling from Google (mine, my wife's
and my daughter's) and all has been well...until yesterday. All of the
sudden, even though I have my calendar checked in the list, my data does
not show up.

As Thomas said, make sure you're using CalDAV. Then run Evolution's
e-calendar-factory tool in a terminal, and then start up Evolution. It's
the output of the e-calendar-factory process that will hopefully be

(That's true for 2.30, at least -- not entirely sure about 2.28.3; that
was a *long* time ago and I don't have anything that old to look at any

Google calendar certainly works here, modulo the occasional bug where it
screws up time zones and shifts a meeting by an hour between the PUT and
the immediately subsequent GET request.


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