Re: [Evolution] Automatic Update for Evolution

On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 08:47 -0500, Barbara Tobias wrote:
Is there a way to have the update manager automatically download the
latest stable release of Evolution when it is doing other updates?  I am
using Evolution 2.26.1 under Ubuntu Linux 9.04.  I'm also relatively new
to Linux and not very technically savvy.

Your system will "automatically" (not sure what that really means) to
the latest release pushed by your distribution [Ubuntu in your case].

It won't pull the "upstream" [released by the Evolution project]
version; and you probably don't want it too because of dependency

Maybe Ubuntu offers a leading/bleeding-edge-GNOME repository you can
subscribe your system to?  That would give you an option to install all
the latest GNOMEy stuff [of which Evolution is a part].

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