Re: [Evolution] Alternative to Evolution's trash handling

On Sat, 2009-09-26 at 13:39 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
Dear evolution developers,

a large number of users seems to be disappointed [1] by Evolution's
trash handling, which - according to [1] - also seems to cause issues
with some "broken" IMAP server implementations. Are there any
development efforts for an alternative trash handling playing nicely
with "broken" IMAP server implementations (discussed under [2],
referenced by [1b]), which could be activated via a simple button?

I'm just asking because I've read a user request in a GNOME 2.28 release
news [3] on a popular German website and the myriad of comments under
[1] suggests that many users would appreciate the possibility of a
different trash handling.

best regards,
 Christian Neumair


If you read to the bottom of that URL you'll see that Milan is working
on this, but so far it's not on the roadmap for a stable version.

The whole IMAP deletion issue is an example of the difference between
'de facto' and 'de jure' standards. IMAP defines deletion in a very
specific way -- the 'de jure' standard -- and Evo implements the
definition. Most other MUA's follow the "real Trash folder" model, i.e.
they don't fully implement IMAP but use a 'de facto' standard. The 'de
jure' way is elegant and efficient, but not interoperable with many
other MUAs. The existence of an option would help with this (but
probably not reduce the number of times we have to answer questions
about it :-)


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