Re: [Evolution] Evolution Crashes frequently

On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 6:58 AM, Derek Mcdaniel wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this at all. If I leave my
pc on over night, I will come back to a Grey Evolution screen and I have
to Force Quite it. When it starts up, it says "Evolution has experience
an error" or something to that nature and it asks me to "Ignore" or
"Recover". I always use the recover.

evolution crashes for me all the time.  It gets better and worse,
sometimes crashing multiple times per day and sometimes once
per week.  Often I'll be on a different virtual desktop from my
evolution window and doing things completely unrelated to email
and a bug buddy window will pop up saying that some application
has crashed... it's always evolution.  I send the bug buddy reports
but they seem to go into a black hole recently in fedora... I get links
to some gnome bug page that doesn't exist.

Anyone know what causes this or have experience with this at all?
I don't know what causes it, but since it has happened to me for
several years, I suspect it's many different things.  One bug is fixed,
another one pops up.  In several cases, bugs I've assigned to evolution
in redhat bugzilla have been re-assigned to other components
(some library that evolution is using).  What that tells me is that
evolution has too many dependencies or uses libraries that are
perpetually buggy.

I think my situation is aggravated by using evolution-exchange
and having large mail folders (many hundreds to low thousands
of messages).  I was hoping that the mapi support would help,
but so far, that's even worse than the exchange connector
(at least it was 3 months ago).  People that use simpler interfaces
and/or have smaller folders can't have as many crashes or there
would be nobody using evolution.  I would have abandoned it
long ago, but it's still better than Outlook under wine.

Good luck,


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