Re: [Evolution] Another folder selection wish

On Wed, 2009-10-28 at 09:47 -0400, Art Alexion wrote:
Is there a way to change this so that keyboard navigation always
the message list rather than the folder list?  Maybe I am unique in
wanting this, but I rarely want to search the folder list.  Even if I
had a lot of folders, evo displays them in alphabetical order, so I
wouldn't need to search.

I completely agree. In fact I'm pretty sure I reported this to BZ many
years ago, but I can't lay my hands on the report at the moment.

Personally I use "." and "," for Next/Previous Unread. I'm almost sure
that no IMAP folder can have a name beginning with a ".", so the fact
that Evo opens a search box with a dot in it is doubly frustrating.

IMHO the Principle of Least Astonishment dictates that on revisiting a
folder Evo should focus on the last message you were looking at, rather
than just jumping to the beginning as it often does, or having no
message in focus at all. Evo already keeps a lot of state information
for folders, so I don't see why this is so hard to do.

OT: I also think the forced lexical ordering is a problem in itself.
There is a long-standing request to make it more user-configurable, see


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