Re: [Evolution] WebDAV for contacts

On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 23:12 +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Le lundi 05 octobre 2009 Ã 22:31 +0200, Xavier Bestel a Ãcrit :

I'm using Evo 2.28 on Debian, and I just tried to setup a WebDAV server
to hold my contacts (apache 2.2.9 + mod_dav). My WebDAV server seems to
work (at least I can access it with a browser or cadaver, and
put/get/delete files on it), except under Evolution.

When trying to access the contacts, e-d-s says:

(process:28570): libebookbackendgoogle-WARNING **: PROPFIND on webdav failed with http status 4

Which is very weird, because I defined it as a WebDAV addressbook, not a
Google one !

After trying to add a contact:

(process:28570): libebookbackendgoogle-WARNING **: create resource 'http://xav awak dyndns 
org/contacts-dav/02B3AAB7-2E1EADDB-5B45996E.vcf' failed with http status: 4

Is that just a build issue with the debian packages ?

Apparently it is. Older Evo from other distros work fine.

Sorry for the noise.


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