Re: [Evolution] Duplicate and triplicate emails when downloading from var/mail/username


On Wed, 2009-09-30 at 14:09 -0400, Peter N. Spotts wrote:

I've just started migrating emails from another client and I'm running
Evolution 2.26.1 on Ubuntu 9.04-64 bit. When I retrieve the email, each
email appears with another one or two copies in my inbox. When I check
the username file in /var/mail after a download, it's empty. 

Any thoughts on how I can eliminate these duplications -- other than the
delete key?  ;-)

With best regards,


P.S. Occasionally, a download also will trigger the reappearance of
already read email -- as new -- and with several fresh copies.

Ritesh Khadgaray
Linux and Desktop
ïPh: +919970164885
Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway.

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