Re: [Evolution] Suggestions that would make it possible for me to fully migrate to Linux via Evolution

I failed to also mention the major issue of contact importation from
Outlook that currently makes my data useless to me because of the
issues I mentioned in the first email.

I do not have access to an Outlook machine, but isn't there any other
format to export your contacts from the Outlook? Evolution can import
vCard files very easily, and I think that Outlook is also able to
your contacts in that format, but as I do not have access to the
machine, I cannot tell for sure. (I'm just thinking aloud).

Hi Bryan,

I had some luck with a combination of O2M ( a US$10 commercial bit of
software ) and Outport, for moving my mail data from Outlook to
Evolution at the end of 2008.

Steps I followed are here:

It wasn't perfect for contacts (e.g. from memory, some of the phone
fields might have changed types? E.g. "business" might have become
"primary" or vice-versa?). However it was workable, at least with my
much smaller data set than yours!

There's also a new PST importer plugin for Evolution, although I haven't
personally tested it, so I don't know how it performs.

because of the issues I mentioned in the first email.

I'd suggest logging a bug in bugzilla for any data import issues
encountered if they are at the Evolution end. That way they are properly
recorded and can be tested, worked on, resolved on, in a systematic
manner. You're not the first person to want to migrate across, and I'm
certain you won't be the last, so recording any issues to help make the
process as painless as possible, and to ensure that there's equivalent
functionality for needed features, is a good idea.

-- All the best,

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