Re: [Evolution] resproduceable crash of Evo 2.24.5

El día Monday, November 23, 2009 a las 01:44:26PM +0000, Constantin Or??san escribió:

I don't know what distribution you use, but the most likely answer is
to upgrade your evolution (which in many cases means upgrading your
distributions). The current version is 2.28.x

I'm running a FreeBSD 8-CURRENT from SVN as of May this year and this has the
2.24,5 in its ports collection; in december I will update to 9-CURRENT
which brings 2.26.3; as far as I know a binary 2.28 is not available and
it would be a pain to compile it by my own I think;

If I remember correctly 2.24 -> 2.26 required major changes, so it is
very likely that the bug disappeared (and others got introduced :)

Could someone with 2.26 check if the bug is still there; it is only a
few mouse clicks away :-)



Matthias Apitz
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