[Evolution] Problems with Fedora 12 & Evolution

I am not overly fond of gmail, I use it to fetch my mail from yahoo,
but I do like and am very fond of gnome and evolution mail.
As I explore various Linux OS I simply restore my previous setting and
I was always good to go with 8 different OS until now.
Evolution in Fedora 12 first seemingly went through the process
initially of accepting the restoration, but in fact when I attempted
to send I realizes there was no contacts.
(have huge contact list) So I thought well if I have to I will start
over with a smaller list in my new evolution. Not taking into account
my pop 3 information would not be there as well so cannot send or
What is the best method at this point to get back to a working
evolution mail.

Thanks so much
Allen Meyers
texas chef94 gmail com

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