[Evolution] In praise of Evolution

Remember me?  I was using Evolution back in 1933!  Oh wait.  That's the year I was born.  Nevertheless, I have toyed with Evolution over the years and never found it too exciting.  But that was then.  Now is now. 
I had to give up on the Vista install on my Lenova.  Downloaded the latest Ubuntu and started using my Gmail account.  On a Windows machine, I compose in Outlook Express about half the time for the spell checker.  So in Linux, with a certain apprehension, I configured Evolution and prepared myself for the worst.
I like it a lot.  Much better!  No, I'm not using it in esoteric ways.  But it seemed very solid.  Very fast.  Very straight forward.  No tricky stuff.  Great spell checker.  And most of all, it configured my Gmail account lickity split.  The easiest Gmail configuration and the fastest of any of the other email programs, where I have used IMAP, and that includes them all.  (Including Thunderbird.)
BTW.  I have been playing around with Windows Live Mail and I don't think it's going to be well received by Ma and Pa Americans.  Just my two cents.  Keep up the good work.  And sorry to hear about the force reduction.  Hang in there.
Tom  (ex Sys Prog)

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