Re: [Evolution] One folder suddenly messed up

Am Montag, den 16.11.2009, 12:30 -0500 schrieb Carpet Nailz:
One of my folders has somehow gotten messed up. About a month's worth of
emails are missing, although the titles show in the list of emails. But
when I click on the titles I get connected to a very different piece of
mail. That is, for about the month prior to when the emails are missing,
the titles in the email list aren't correctly linked to the emails: I
open an email with subject line saying 'x' but the title bar at the top
says 'y'.

I suspect that something went wrong when I was deleting trash--or moving
from this folder to trash.

Anyway I have a rdiff-backup that includes the entire .evolution folder.
But I'm not sure about the best way to go about restoring from that. Can
I just restore the one folder that has gotten messed up? (The mail
folders look like separate documents in the .evolution folder, but I
don't think they really are.)

I am running version 2.28.2 here, but I would assume that also 2.22 has
the convention that mails belonging to folder xyz are in a file called
xyz. Is this file there, e.g. in .evolution/mail/local/xyz ? 
If so, check it out with an editor and see if the data is there. You
could also create a new folder and use evolutions import plugin to
reimport that mail and see if anything is missing. 
Or maybe the following will help:

As to backup/restore please be referred to

Hope that helps.


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