[Evolution] Evolution Exchange 2008 MAPI problem

Title: Evolution Exchange 2008 MAPI problem
I've just started experimenting with the Exchange 2008 mapi w/ Evolution and while the setup was a breeze, I have two problems with the Calendar component.

1) my recurring appointments do not show up.

2) More importantly, the appointments are totally off with an appointment at 0900 being displayed at a time of 2300 (that's not 7 hours but 14 hours off!).

I'm running Mandriva 2010 (and have never run Evolution before)

My system timezone is UTC-7 (US Mountain) w/ the hardware set to "GMT" Evolution's calendar is for the system time and I get the same lag problem with the time set to UTC...

(and the exchange 2008 server of my org is working fine on iCal, Entourage, and other software that can hook in - there is no time zone and it follows my traveling laptop w/ the right times).

Has anyone had a similar problem in setting up Evolution?

Thanks Much

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