Re: [Evolution] error message on quit Evo

(evolution:1851): camel-local-provider-WARNING **: Didn't get the next
message w here I expected (181442828) got 181392973 instead
CamelException.setv(0xbf0f5e94, 2, 'Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync')


This is with Evo 2.24.5 on FreeBSD 8-CURRENT.

Evo is up to 2.28.1 now ...

While locking what could cause this I did:

$ find ~/.evolution | fgrep Trash

i.e. for the local folder Trash there is no file for the mbox itself,
like for example:

No. Trash is a virtual folder so there will be no real mbox file.

$ find .evolution | fgrep Outbox

What does this mean? Can I just remove the file
to solve the problem?

I suspect not.  It will be another folder that is the problem - do you
know which folder that message in Trash came from?  (If you can't find
it, add a column to the Trash listing called "Location" - that will tell
you which folder is the culprit.)

Once you know which folder it is, do what is suggested in the FAQ on
that folder.


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