Re: [Evolution] Tasks, appointments and assigned tasks

El mié, 11-11-2009 a las 20:53 +0300, Королёв Илья escribió:
Hello, All
I try to use Evo calendar and I've some questions. I can't find any
information about it in help, so, please, point me to it.

My questions are:
1. is it correct, that tasks doen't shows on calendar even if they have
assigned start/end dates?
2. is there any way to convert task to appointment?
3. is there any way to convert task to assigned task, i.e. to assign
task to somebody?


1 - Is it correct, yes.
2 - No, there isn't.  May be forwarding as ICalendar works in some way, I don't know.
3 - Nop.  You can assign appointments but not tasks.


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