Re: [Evolution] disabling drag and drop folder move

El día Thursday, November 05, 2009 a las 04:25:43PM +0100, ??ukasz Nowak escribió:


I am very happy evolution user, but sometimes I made a very wrong
thing - I move folders in pane. I hold little to long mouse key and
bang - folder with 20k messages is moved in another part of tree.

Everything would be good - I am using IMAP. This move operation
without any confirmation is send to imap and there are lot of side

So my question is:

 * is it possible to disable drag & drop move operation? in gconf? in code?
 * is it considered as feature to at least always ask before folder
move operation?

And may I add to the question or wish list:

* is it possible to move the actual presented mail to folder XYZ just by typing


(this is how I can do it very fast with the MUA 'mutt'); thx

Matthias Apitz
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