Re: [Evolution] If you're wondering whether to use the Exchange MAPI backend...

On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 16:08 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
The answer is "definitely not: run far far away"...


I used the Exchange OWA backend for years and it was great.  This new
one is definitely not ready for prime time yet.

Holy ...!  I thought this bug was bad, but it just gets worse.  Just now
my bug report was closed as a duplicate... of this bug:

which is indeed exactly the same thing... REPORTED SEVEN MONTHS AGO!

So we've had (at least) two releases of evolution-mapi with a bug where
all you have to do is press CTRL-E and the entire contents of your inbox
will be completely destroyed, with no warning and no possibility of
recovery (except for getting backups of your Exchange server), and up
until today not only was that bug not fixed, it wasn't even marked

That is just... weak.  Seriously weak.  That bug alone should have been
a release blocker and evolution-mapi should never have gone out the door
without some kind of resolution.

You can do better.

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