[Evolution] File Attachments in EVO - extensions changed

First time ever posting. Please forgive if I'm not doing it correctly.

Okay, I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 (32-bit) and EVO 2.26.1 (which came with
it) on a personally built computer (160gig hd, 2 gig ram, Foxconn 915a01
motherboard with I think was a 775 cpu - not that any of that will have
a bearing on my problem).

I'm forced to use Lotus Notes for my email at work, but I've got it set
up to forward everything to my personal account at for when I'm working
at home.

I get a fair number of attachments (mostly excel files) that when I down
load always seem to get '.part' tagged on to the file name there by
changing the extension so OpenOffice (or any other software) doesn't
recognize the file format.

Is this something I can fix within EVO settings that I haven't found? An
Ubuntu issue, or more probably a Lotus Notes problem that I'll have to
live with? Right now I download/save the file and then go in and change
the file name. But I'd like it to be a little bit easier if I can.

I appreciate your help.

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