Re: [Evolution] One too many calendars

John K Taber wrote:
Something went wrong when I imported my old Outlook calendar. Dates were
imported to a calendar named Birthdays and Anniversaries under Contacts
(don't ask me how).

What was intended was to import to On This Computer, to Personal.

How do I get rid of the unwanted Contacts/Birthdays and Anniversaries?

You don't. It's automatically created by Evolution. When you add a person's contact info to the contact list, one of the things you can add about that person is his/her birthday and/or anniversary. That's what the "Contacts/Birthdays and Anniversaries" calendar shows.

I'm not sure if you really imported to the wrong calendar. Try selecting a date with an event on it. On the left side, clear the checkbox in each calendar one at a time. When the event disappears, that's the calendar it's in. You can also tell because events in the same calendar have the same highlight color. The color is indicated by the shaded square to the left of the calendar checkbox.


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