Re: [Evolution] Evolution Send/Receive Gray Out?

On Tue, 2009-05-05 at 15:54 -0500, John Clements wrote:
Recently installed Fedora 10 and Evolution on a PC that was running 
Fedora 5.  Evolution was working fine on FC 5 box and on new Fedora 10.  
Been running Evolution for about a week under Fedora 10 without a 
problem.  This morning when starting PC, Evolution shows the 
Send/Receive box grayed out and send/receive does not work.  Can get to 
the Internet via Firefox and Thunderbird can get to mail.  This is 
written using Thunderbird.

Any suggestions? 

Is Evo online? Look at the "plug" icon in the lower left corner. Click
on it to go online.

If this is happening regularly, you may have a configuration issue with
NetworkManager under Fedora. Basically, if NM isn't managing your
connection it thinks you are offline and Evo believes it, even if you
are really online. The way to fix it is either a) don't use NM, or b)
configure NM to manage the connection (run system-config-network, click
on the Edit tab for the connection, then tick the "Controlled by
NetworkManager" box).


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