Re: [Evolution] Disappearing exchange mail

Art Alexion wrote:
On Thu, 2009-04-30 at 13:57 -0400, Peter Larsen wrote:
One of the work arounds is to move the mail out of the inbox and into
temporary folder. And then back again, and evolution will see it.
this works on single emails - I had 100s of mail lost - moving them
to a temporary folder didn't bring them all back to evolution. Only

I use this script to restore them.  It works consistently, but the bug
makes evo-exchange not suitable for deployment to non-technical users.


echo "Completely shutting down Evolution..."
evolution --force-shutdown
echo "Deleting indexes..."
rm -rf ~/.evolution/exchange/
rm -rf ~/.evolution/mail/exchange/
echo "It is now safe to restart Evolution"
# evolution &

Uncomment the last line if you want debug feedback when evo restarts.
Leave it commented and run it from a menu/do/alt+f2 if you don't want
constant debug info in your terminal.

When evo restarts, it will rebuild the indexes which can take some time.

This is a useful idea. Maybe worth trying.
By the way, I abandoned evolution for exchange email a few months back,
due to this problem. I only went back to it a week ago because of a temporary
technical problem with our smtp server. It seemed to work fine, until
yesterday when my email started to disappear again. But I don't think anything
changed- no knew fedora evo dist or anything...

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