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I don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet, but IMAP is a great way to migrate
your emails during upgrades and software changes.  You could create a gmail
imap account and import all of your local emails into gmail's servers.  Then
when you update your system and set up Evo, just set up your gmail imap
account and all your emails are right there.  You could even copy them back
to local folders if you wish.

I'm not familar with Evo 1.4 series, but there might be a way to "Save
address book as vcard".  Personally, that's more confusing wording to me
than "export" but it does the same thing, at least in Evo 2.x series.

Similarly, calendars can be "saved" or "exported" depending on the
terminology that 1.4 series uses.

Good luck.

bg-6 wrote:

I presently run Fedora Core2 and Evo 1.4.6.  Yeah, I know :-)

I am about to sketch out a strategy for upgrading to (32-bit)
Ubuntu 8.10, which includes Evo 2.24.3, although what with
the rather aggressive nature of the synaptic package manager, 
I will doubtless be involuntarily upgraded to a slightly later
version within hours of installing.

I have cruised out through the Web and read any number of FAQs and docs.
It has given me the impression that Evo doesn't expect
anyone to upgrade Evo versions, because every migration
discussion I've seen refers to importing address books, folders,
folder rules, and existing messages, from just about any other
package out there *except* Evo. In playing with the trial installation
on another box, I've verified that Evo doesn't recognize
importing of those elements from previous Evo versions.

This seems just a trifle odd :-)

Obviously I am missing something. I need to pursue this before I
launch the upgrade, because I have a large investment of time in
all of the mentioned elements, and have no desire to have to recreate
them manually from scratch.

I am confident that there is a way for me to preserve my Evo 1.4.6
Contacts, Folders & Filters, and the thousands of existing messages
hanging around in those folders, and subsequently pass all of that
data to my new Evo 2.24.3 (or whatever synaptic has it up to by then).
But I cannot find documentation which demonstrates how to accomplish

Can anyone point me to an appropriate resource?


Brewster Gillett


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