Re: [Evolution] evolution MAPI provider required

On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 08:27 -0400, Muhammad Sharfuddin wrote:
MAPI won't help you in that case as it will use the exchange protocol
I think Outlook is a MAPI client, and Outlook can  download and delete
all the email from the Server i.e Exchange 2003

Well, I think we may be talking about different things when talking
about MAPI and Exchange.  MAPI preceded exchange and was supported by
pre-Outlook clients as far back as inter-workgroup email in Windows for
Workgroups 3.11, prior to MS support for Internet email.  As MAPI is not
exclusive to Exchange, likewise, Outlook supports protocols other than
MAPI, including POP3 and IMAP4.  In the same vein, Exchange supports
mail access via the POP and IMAP protocols -- if it is enabled.  It is
enabled by default in Exchange 2003, unless the administrator turns it

If you need to delete mail from the server upon retrieving it, POP3
is the protocol that you want. >Exchange 2003 supports POP3 and it is
enabled by default.
Our Exchange Admins have disabled/stop the POP and IMAP, and we can
only connect to the Exchange 2k3 Server, either via MAPI or via OWA.

Normally we connect to the Exchange server via Outlook 2k3, and in
Outlook we have selected the option "delete emails from the server"

I need the same functionality in evolution, so that all of the emails
downloaded on the client(evolution), and delete from the

I just checked Outlook 2003 to confirm my recollection.  There is no
option in Outlook 2k3 using Exchange for deleting mail from the server
upon retrieving.  There is such a setting in it for configuring POP

Are you sure POP is disabled by your administrator?  It sounds to me
like your Outlook co-workers are either using POP, or have Outlook's
Auto-Archive feature enabled.

Auto-Archive *moves* mail from the Exchange server to a local or network
PST file.  PST is the file format Outlook uses to store offline mail and
PIM data.  Auto-Archive can be configured to prompt or just run.  Age of
mail to be archived and frequency of the archiving process can also be
configured, which is why I mentioned...

One of the things I am looking forward to, which should help you as
well, is the PST import/export >plug in. That way, you can continue to
enjoy the benefits of Exchange, while keeping your server >storage use
within quota.

I didnt get you sir,  whats  the PST import/export plug in ? and how
can I get benefit from it

The PST import/export plugin will likely allow Evo to read and write to
Outlook archives.  You may even be able to set a filter that mimics
auto-archiving in function.

I think it is set to be released soon, though it still may be
experimental.  With it, you can use the Exchange protocol with Evo,
while managing to keep your server storage under quota.

Art Alexion

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