[Evolution] Evolution crashes when opening html pages

This is another attempt to find an answer as to why the mailer Evolution crashes when opening mail which consists of html formatted
pages and which contains graphics. 

Systems configuration:

O/S: SuSE 11.1, 64 bits
Mailer settings under tab HTML Messages:
- Show image animations
- Prompt on sending html mail....
- Always load images from the internet

While I cannot have everyone in my address book who sends me mail with
html formatted pages, I did enter some addresses for test purposes and
it still crashes. In fact I am unable to delete such messages since the
program simply exits.

To give you an idea what such an html formatted email looks like, I have
attached file "Genie_Week_at_Centrepointe" This is for illustration
purposes only not for advertisments. 

Finally, is there a solution for this or do I really have to switch to
Thunderbird as I like applications which work.

Thank you for your reply.


Attachment: Genie_Week_at_Centrepointe_
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