[Evolution] evolution seems to eat the mail of one of my accounts

i'm running evolution with multiple mail accounts.  all accounts work
with the exception of 1.  i have a cgi script that uses sendmail to
generate a sales order.  the mail gets to the server as i can see it
with squirrel webmail, but when evolution checks the account it deletes
the mail and then does not collect it (it just disappears).  if i send
an email to that adress with my hotmail account or something, evolution
collects the mail correctly.  if i use thunderbird to check that mail
account there is no problem.

i pulled the subroutine out of the original cgi script and used it to
send test emails (though a sub domain i have on the server) and
evolution collects them fine.

also, if i grep the .evolution/pop/account... directory recursively for
the email address of the sender, the mail is there!!  why wont evolution
show it?

i'm so stumped on this!!

andrew muhling

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