Re: [Evolution] Evolution/Gnome icons

On Wed, 2009-03-18 at 18:44 +0530, Ruchir Brahmbhatt wrote:
I'm running Evolutoin on KDE 4.2.1 in OpenSUSE 11.1. Today I tried to
change evolution button icons by changing gnome appearance settings
through gnome-appearance-properties. I changed icons to oxygen and I
was surprised with output. Evolution was looking too good. But after
reboot, it reverted back to original. Does anyone know how to make
this theme/icon settings permanent in Evolution?

Make sure gnome-settings-daemon is started when you log into KDE.

The way it works is Evolution requests icons by some generic name and
GTK+ supplies an icon for that generic name from what it thinks is the
current icon theme.

Appearance Preferences writes your icon theme and other settings to
GConf.  The problem is GTK+ is a low-level library and doesn't know
about GConf.  So gnome-settings-daemon serves as an intermediary,
listening to GConf and forwarding desktop-wide settings to GTK+ so that
GTK-based applications automatically honor those settings.

It sounds like what may be happening is after login, GTK+ is using its
own default icon theme because gnome-settings-daemon hasn't told GTK+
what icon theme you prefer.  My guess is running Appearance Preferences
probably spawns gnome-settings-daemon, which then supplies GTK+ with the
correct icon theme.  And then Evolution suddenly becomes pretty.

Hope that makes sense.

Matthew Barnes

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