Re: [Evolution] compose new message from template?

Use the Templates folder in the local store.

Ahhh.  Yes.  I see.  Kinda klunky though, to have to go there and
"Edit as New Message" rather than Message->Compose New Message From
Template->[list of templates].

Or maybe the usual ctrl-N / "New" toolbar icon to make a new mail, and
then a new "Apply Template" icon in the toolbar to use a template? It'd
probably have to warn if the user had modified anything before using it
though (e.g. "Changes you have made will be lost. Continue? Yes, replace
content with template / No, keep current content"), a potential problem
which the current approach + the suggestion about avoids, by making
choosing the template the very first thing you do. However, a toolbar
button would make it much easier for users to discover this feature.

-- All the best,

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