Re: [Evolution] huge number of missing messages in vfolder

On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 11:36 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 09:39 -0500, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
Speaking of vfolders, any idea when vfolders of vfolders will be
working again?

My memory is hazy. Did this ever work?

Sure did!  I have a zillion of them here.  None of them work any more
mind you.  I still really don't understand how a feature (i.e. vfolders)
can be re-worked in a stable release with such obvious functionality
regressions.  Was there a hope that nobody was using vfolders of
vfolders and it would go unnoticed?


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