Re: [Evolution] How to wake evolution-mapi?

Hi, Johnny,

Initially we used to scan public folder list. So if you have a huge list
of public folders then it would take long time.

Start evolution in a console and watch for messages it prints. It helps
in understanding what is happening.

You are right, it is indeed about the public folders.

We've fixed this (public folder scanning) issue in 0.27.3.

Please try 0.27.3.

You mean 2.27.3, don't you?

Unfortunately, that's not an option for me, as this would mean
upgrading all of Gnome. Altough I am happy to upgrade to a new version
of my vendors Linux, I won't upgrade a package as big as Gnome myself.
That's obviously one of the disadvantages of having Evolution as part
of Gnome.

Means I've got to wait for Fedora 12. :-(



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