Re: [Evolution] Contact getting dropped off on reply-to-all

On Mon, 2009-07-27 at 09:59 +1000, 102 wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Everytime I send a reply-to-all message with a specific contacts
details in it, that contact is being dropped from the CC list. I've
already removed the contact completely from my contacts list to see if
that fixes it but the problem still happens. All of the other contacts
in the CC line remain correctly, just this one.

Any thoughts?

I think I heard something very similar couple weeks ago, but I do not
have any exact thoughts about that, because I wasn't able to reproduce
it myself. If you've some particular message, where you can reproduce it
every time, then it would be great if you can share it, through the 

I would suggest you to save message and to remove all
private/confidential information from there, even addresses and names
you can remove, just keep the format of it. For example, change address:
   Evolution List <evolution-list gnome org>
   xxxxxxxxx yyyy <xxxxxxxxx-yyyy zzzzz org>
Or something similar, that's up to you. I just want to keep the
addresses as much similar to the original as possible. Also be sure
after changes no email will be doubled there.

You can then import a message back to evolution and check it will work
as the original one.
        Thanks and bye,

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