Re: [Evolution] Grouped by sender?

I mean that if for example Pete Biggs sent me 5 emails, regardless of the subjects of the emails, are all grouped into one line (Pete Biggs) and can I collapse or expand by sender.

El jue, 23-07-2009 a las 00:23 +0100, Pete Biggs escribió:
Javier Antonio Oros Martinez wrote:
>    Hi Team:
> In the "View" menu, we can "Group by threads", but I don't see "Group 
> by sender". Exists this way of grouping? If not, Where it can be propose?

Can't you just sort the list by sender (by clicking on the From column 
header)?  That way all
a senders message will appear together.  Or is "Group by sender" more 
involved than that?


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