Re: [Evolution] Thanks to Pete Briggs, Phishing virus 2

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 11:02 -0700, James a martin wrote:
Thanks to Pete Briggs, I can now use Evolution again.

For some reason, my messages to evolution-list do not show up in my
emails from evolution-list and are in a scrubbed file.

I am not sure if I am OK now or not.  Evolution seems to be working
normally for me, but my system showed some errors when I first turned it
on this morning.  I disconnected my internet cable and it started OK.
then I turned it off, connected internet, and it stared OK.

Based on what Pete said, the content I found using ClamTK may not have
been my problem.  It seems something was using my computer to send over
500 emails in an hour.  Verizon called this abusive and turned off my
capability to send for 24 hours.  This has happened 4 times over a
period of a month.  Other problems I have, like very slow booting, may
also be related, because the computer is busy sending the emails.

If "something" was using your machine to send massive amounts of mail,
it's important to find out what it was and how it happened. You said
earlier that this is an Ubuntu machine. Perhaps you have a rootkit you
aren't aware of.

You *seriously* need to check your machine or this is going to happen


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