Re: [Evolution] Phishing virus

On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 09:45 -0700, James a martin wrote:
Evolution community,

      I use Ubuntu Hardy OS and Evolution to read email over Verizon
internet.  Verizon disabled my outgoing email for a day because I had
abusive sending from my computer.

I don't understand how you were sending these viruses unless you were
doing it manually, e.g. by forwarding mail from elsewhere. It's
extremely unlikely that the viruses were affecting your own machine.

      I installed Clam TK and found viruses called Phishing.  I deleted the
files.  They were in Evolution/mail/pop/name/cache/N, where N was a
series of folders with numbers.

You mean Phishing was the actual name of the virus? Don't you mean it
was a "phishing-type virus"?

      Running Clam TK to find viruses is hard because I needed to run it on
each of many folders before I found the viruses.  New viruses may come
as soon as I download more email.  Is there a better way to prevent

Can't you run Clam on .evolution/mail? Better still, if viruses are a
serious problem in your environment, why not run it as part of your
mail-fetching process? I think that's the way it's intended to be used,
but I'm no Clam expert.


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