Re: [Evolution] calendar icons

What makes an event a "meeting" rather than an "appointment"?

When you first create an event in the calendar, you specify whether it's
a meeting or an appointment (e.g. File -> New -> Meeting, or File -> New
-> Appointment). Use appointments for events/reminders just for you, and
meetings for events that other people will be notified about.

For my 2 cents though, I don't think there should be as much distinction
between meetings and appointments (e.g. there should just be events, and
whether other people are notified or not is a secondary consideration);
or failing that, that converting from one type to the other should be
far more straightforward:

In 2.26, there is a way to convert from an appointment to a meeting
(right-click on appointment -> Schedule Meeting), but not vice-versa (to
the best of my knowledge).

-- All the best,

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