[Evolution] Evolution 2.24.2 on Fedora 10 - Global Contact List Error

I am on a Dell PC with 3Gigs of memory running Fedora 10 (x64 version).

I have Evolution 2.24.2 setup to use my Microsoft Exchange Server, and
I can access my mail and send and receive email. I have the
mail-notification set to check my MAPI email box because it appears
that the mail-notification doesn't work with Evolution unless
Evolution itself is up and running.

My problem is my company's global contact list.. I get the following error:

Error loading address book.

We were unable to open this address book.  This either means you have
entered an incorrect URI, or the server is unreachable.

However, my personal contacts from the Exchange Server are coming
over.  And, so are my calendar appointments.

Basically, everything except the Global Contact List. Any ideas?

BTW, I had Ubuntu 10 installed on this computer and I could access my
Global Address Book. I had other issues with Ubuntu, and installed
Evolution because other people at my company used it without problems.

David Weintraub
qazwart gmail com

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