Re: [Evolution] Evolution display / usability issues

I use Evolution because I severely dislike Outlook. The things I dislike the most about Outlook are those 
things recently requested of Evo on this list.

Gmail took threading -- which existed for years in open source mail agents -- implemented it in webmail, and 
renamed it "conversations". (By the way, gmail sorts threaded messages the same way complained of in the 
alleged bug -- threads in reverse chronological order, and messages within threads in chronological order.  I 
suspect that this is implemented because of the nature of webmail.)

Microsoft implemented some lame 'group by subject' view (subject words, not message id) and, later, adopted 
the 'conversation' terminology in order to jump on the gmail bandwagon.

If evo has a problem in this regard, it is the lack of next/previous unread message buttons on the toolbar.

Art Alexion
MIS/Central Office Support
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On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 23:07 +0000, Wobbly_hs wrote:
By "conversation view" I meant sorted in the normal manner for
business use (top posting) and separated by conversation (subject) -
i.e. threaded in the same order.

What has top-posting got to do with threading? Top-posting is a quoting
issue. It seems to me that business users top-post because they (or the
people they correspond with) don't understand threading and feel the
need to reproduce the entire state of the conversation in each message.


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