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Can't see that either is a "solution."  The preview pane, for me and many others, is nothing but an annoying waste of screen real estate.  Most people I know don't care for it.  It should always be a choice but the other option just needs a couple tweaks to make it work a little more efficiently and not be speed bump in someone's workflow. 

As for the signature standards, I wholly disagree.  Standards in networking protocols, physical interfaces, code writing are all necessary and serve a function.  Chaos would result without them.  But adding visible characters to the formatting of a document is not a standard that should exist.  When I send out a document I don't want something added to it that, to my eyes, appears out of place, distracting, and, were this a business communication, unprofessional. 

Say what you like about Microsoft, and believe me I'll join you on most topics, they do actually do some things right.  Not a lot, but a few.  Although Outlook has some flaws (what application doesn't?) it works exceptionally well at the user level and provides a level of customization that much of the world has become accustomed to.  It can't be a mistake that the Evo GUI is quite close to the layout of Outlook.  Telling people that "this is the way it is, like it or not" outside of the Windows world is not going to be an effective way to gain converts. 

Don't get me wrong, Evolution seems like a great application.  I *want* to find something to replace Outlook for both myself and my company.  I just need to make sure that the learning curve is small enough for my users to make it worthwhile and that it will work in the way the business needs it to work. 


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I see where the first can be a problem. The solution is a simple as don't open the messages, but read them in the preview pane with images turned off. When you want to display the images just for that message, just press ctrl+i.

I don't see the second as a problem and don't think evo should abandon standards because they may confuse a very few windows users who won't accept the reasonable explanation.

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On Sat, 2009-02-21 at 12:38 -0500, Rob wrote:
> Thanks.  I already had them opening up in new windows.  When I delete
> the message, a new window with the next message opens.

You're right.

> Drives me absolutely batty.  So really no way to change that
> behaviour?  Seems a bit of a risk, especially if image preview is on
> and if a web-based image has some malicious code hidden in it......

I agree actually. What I do when I get nervous is close the preview pane
and open the specific message I want. After reaing, I close it and
explicitly open the next one I want to look at.

> Also would like the original message to close when I click reply as I
> have my Outlook set to do.  Just looking at it from an efficiency
> point of view this is already hundreds, maybe more, extra clicks per
> day for me given the volume of mail I receive and send.  

I guess I'm just used to it.

Both of these things could be filed in Bugzilla, the first as a
(potential) bug, the second as an enhancement. If you do so, please post
the BZ numbers here.


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