Re: [Evolution] Reply-to does not work with MAPI plugin

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 01:36, Vincent Bossier
<vincent bossier gmail com> wrote:

When I perform a 'reply' or 'reply to all' to a message received
through the MAPI plugin, the mail addresses in the recipient fields do
not contain the '@some.domain' extension: they only contain the name
of the person. The received message's source (Ctrl-U) itself show the
same problem: mail addresses have the form 'John Doo <John Doo>'. If
sent, the mail bounces back. This problem occurs systematically for
members of the Active Directory and _sometimes_ with outside senders.

MAPI mailer is yet to parse the recipient structures.

@jony: you would want to fix this one before hard code freeze ;-)


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