Re: [Evolution] Migrating Thunderbird address, e-mail and calendar

On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 22:59 -0500, Reid Thompson wrote:
Rivers wrote:
I am using Linux Mint and Thunderbird for my Mail, Address book and
Calendar. Is there a n easy way to import those items into Evolution?
Thank you

Take care
Mike in Alaska
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I think the FAQ covers some/most of t his...
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Hi Mike

It's fairly straightforward. Open Evolution and (re)-create your own
folders as you have them in Thunderbird or just create a single one
named, for example, Imports. Minimise the Evolution window and leave it
open so you can see the folder tree.
I've never used Mint but I think it uses Gnome so, open your home
folder, do Cntrl+h to enable you to see hidden folders
Find the folder titled .thunderbird or .mozilla-thunderbird. Open that,
then the folder with a load of numbers and letters and .default under
it. In there you'll see a folder titled Mail. Open that and you'll see a
folder for each of your email accounts. In each of these folders
there'll be files/folders with various titles, eg Inbox, Inbox.msf etc,
plus any folders you've created in Thunderbird.
You can now drag and drop the folders without any file extension, eg
drag Inbox, not Inbox.msf, into the corresponding folder in Evolution
(if you've created it), or the single 'Imports' folder you created. The
emails will show in Evolution as unread but that's easy to deal with,
just right click on the folder and select Mark Messages As Read. That's
Hope this helps.

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