Re: [Evolution] Follow weblinks in the 'background'

On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 16:43 +0200, Dan Popovic wrote:

is there a way to let evolution follow weblinks in the background
(so, if I click it on the link, it will be opened in the default browser,
but the browser does not pop up)?

Probably easy but I cannot find :-(
That's more of a browser function than an evo one....

I'm running Firefox on desktop 3 and Evolution on desktop 2 (in Gnome)
and had the same annoyance.  The solution was (in Firefox) to go to
about:config and find this key:


Change to TRUE.

Now I can click on a link in Evolution on desk 2 and it (silently) opens
in a new tab in Firefox on desk 3.  Doubtless other browsers have a
something similar. I don't know how to avoid having FF pop up over evo
if FF is not running; I always have an instance running on its dedicated


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