Re: [Evolution] Testing evolution-mapi


If that means your Exchange setup uses a clustered environment,
then the chances of the MAPI plugin working is probably zero.

Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

The Exchange server can be setup to work in a clustered environment.
It simply means that your mailbox might reside in any of the nodes in
the cluster, without being confined to a single super-server. LibMAPI
does not _yet_ support talking to Exchange servers in such a setup.
Hence, evolution-mapi would be unable to open your mailbox, populate
your folders and so on. Attempting to do so will result in
MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR as mentioned earlier.

thanks a lot for the info, what I am experiencing makes sense now.

I understand that adding support for Exchange clustering is not an easy task and it might take some time so 
is there a way to workaround it meanwhile? I mean would it be for example possible to find out the actual 
server which holds a user's mailbox and then connecting directly to it?



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