[Evolution] check mail hangs with "pinging server"

using evo 2.24.1 under ubuntu intrepid (2.24.1-0ubuntu1)

when my laptop wakes up from sleep & connects to the network, the first
thing evolution does is check my imap server for mail.  however this
process is dramatically slowed because because of some issue pinging the
server.  so in the notification bar at the bottom of the screen
evolution writes "pinging imap server mailbox126.utcc.utoronto.ca" and
goes no further on the mail-checking front until i click on the red
go-away box associated with that process; at that point, the
mail-checking continues unproblematically.  i've tried pinging my server
manually and there's no problem; i don't know whether perhaps there's
some kind of a race condition with network-manager at work here?  this
is hardly a critical problem since i can work around it; but at the same
time it as a bit annoying, since i routinely shut my laptop's lid
between 15-minute work sessions that are interspersed through my day.  

anyone have any idea how i might get evo to stop this behaviour?


Matt Price
matt price utoronto ca

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