Re: [Evolution] Evolution keeps stalling on me

On Fri, 2008-10-24 at 19:47 -0400, jim wrote:

I'm running on Ubuntu Hardy and for some reason Evolution
stalls on me a couple times a day. The only way to get it to work again
is to send the process a term or kill signal and restart it.

In fact you can run "evolution --force-shutdown" to stop Evo.

I can't
quit via the menus. Emails stop downloading. Just wondering if anyone
knows what could be the issue. Looking at my processes there is no
excessive memory or cpu usage when this happens. This was also happening
on previous versions but I put up with it.

I've had this happen since I started using Evo several years ago.
Sometimes when I install a new version I think it's gone away, then it
comes back again. It's hard to pin down the circumstances exactly, but
for one thing Evo seems not to be very robust in the face of network or
server disconnection.

I'm on Fedora 9, Evo I get this problem several times a day
and every now and again I swear I'm going to dump Evo and change to a
different client (e.g. I've *never* had this problem with Thunderbird),
but I guess I'm too used to it. At one time I even had a desktop icon to
run "evolution --force-shutdown" ...


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