Re: [Evolution] How do I rm irritating mail notification popup?

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 10:22:59 -0700
Gary Kline <kline thought org> wrote:

      Several months ago I wanted a way to determine if new mail
had arrived and installed an app that worked with evolution.  It pops
up a small dialog that tells me I have new mail; the rectangle
doesn't go away until I hit an [x] in the upper right corner; then a
yellow icon keeps flashing at me.  It's annoying.  

      Q1: Is there a means of turning off the blinking/flashing?
Q2: Are there other mail-notification apps that work with evo that
would be more suitable: nothing that flashes, blinks, beeps.  Just
something on the panel/bar/<whatever-it's called> that tells me I
have a new message[s] waiting.

      tia, guys,

      gary kline


Is it Mail Notification? If so, go to properties=>message pop-ups and
make sure it's unchecked. You also may have Evolution's own mail
notification plug-in activated. So you'd need to check on it in
Edit=>Plug Ins. I have the Mail Notification stand-alone configured to
merely appear in my system tray when new mail arrives. It doesn't flash
unless it can't connect to the account I've specified. And it remains
icon-only unless I do a mouse-over, in which case it gives me a
pop-up summary of unread emails. The pop-up remains only as long as the
cursor is over the envelop icon in the system tray. 


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