[Evolution] Problems using PGP

Hi List,

I'm new to Evolution and am having a small issue with PGP between my
home and my work, and was hoping someone could shed some light. 

I send between home and work, PGP/MIME messages, everything flows as it
should except 1 small thing that's pretty important. We can sign in both
directions as expected, we can encrypt in both directions as expected,
but when I send a message which is signed and encrypted, the Evolution
client only sees the encryption and not the signature. When i send from
Evol, encrypted and signed, to the mutt end, it works fine.

I tested the mutt end to another mutts, encrypted and signed, fine (also
to myself).

I am using Evolution 2.22.2 (the standard one with fedora 9), and a mutt
1.4 on a rhel5.2. Apparently, S/MIME is not supported by <1.5 mutt's,
and I'm not all that keen on upgrading.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Matt

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