Re: [Evolution] palm pilot sync problems

Thanks Andrew,

I tried this in YAST and loaded in everything related to synching and evolution for the Pilot but it is still not showing the Calendar, Contacts etc...  In Conduits, I only have Backup, Expense, File, Memo File, Send Mail, Test and Time.

Any ideas?


On Thu, 2008-03-06 at 00:25 +1100, Andrew Greig wrote:
Jennifer wrote:
I am using the Gnome Pilot applet to sync my Tungsten E Palm and they
connect just fine but I do not seem to have or see options on Gnome to
sync my Calendar, contacts,to-do, memo etc.  It seems to only allow me
to back my pilot data up.  Is there somewhere else I should be looking.

I am using SUSE 10.2 


Hi Jennifer,

It is probably because you have not installed the Evolution-pilot
packages.  Once you do that you should see a full set of conduits.

yast2 evolution-pilot  I suppose should do it.  I have only used Suse
once. Excuse the rustiness.

Andrew Greig
Melbourne, Australia

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