Re: [Evolution] Little Glitch in Evo - Ubuntu 8.04

     A. On Wed, 2008-06-18 at 06:11 -0400, Alfred wrote:

I noticed a while ago, several versions of Ubuntu back, this little
problem, in EVO. It's easy to live with, but still it is a little
Glitch. When you Click on the date, the little Calendar pops up. Today's
date shows up OK! When you click on Today's Date Evo's PIM starts up,
but the date it goes to, is the previous date, or some Versions the next
date, not the date that was clicked on. So today is the 18th, clicking
on the 18th in the little pop up Calendar makes it go in the EVO PIM to
the 17th not the 18th. 

Perhaps this is in some way linked to some of the other Date Problems
that have been looked at, lately.


I don't know which version of EVO you use but my version (old: 2.10.3)
doesn't have that problem. (running FC7 but I will look in my Ubuntu
system if it has the same problem).

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