Re: [Evolution] mostly it works - always web browser works - BUT SOME DAYS

Hi Bakgat,
        Please send us the E2K_DEBUG traces from the exchange process
when the problem happens. To start exchange on a separate terminal run, 

- Chenthill.
On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 17:45 -0400, Bakkies Gatvol wrote:
these are the rpm's I have installed on fedora 8 


Mostly my evolution with exchange(owa) plugin works fine.  (**)  And then every now and again - it refuses 
and gets all knotted up in permissions.  I can always get into the exact same URL using a web browser ... 
and when it works again .... sometimes later the same day ... nothing has changed.   

I 've turned up debug 
E2K_DEBUG=5 /usr/bin/evolution 1>/tmp/Evo.${$} &

but honestly that's too much information for me to wade through - especially since errors like

Find Items 9
Couldn't Get password 9
alarm-notify.c:157 (list_changed_cb) - Adding Calendar exchange://;auth=Basic 192 168 173 73/;personal/Tasks

seems to be there when it DOES work as well.

Of course like a true linux geek I don't trust the exchange server  (except for the fact that the web 
browser always works) and  the exchange/windoze admin is not inclined or capable of helping. FWIW I'm the 
only person in the entire enterprise using evolution like this  - so I am SOL and on my own  :)

Anybody have any pointers ????

** that's beside the keyring fiasco - I just dutifully type the password every time - completely gave up on 
the keyring thing

Enjoy 5 GB of free, password-protected online storage.
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