Re: [Evolution] Can Evolution open by default on Calendar instead of Mail?

Matthew Barnes wrote:

On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 09:44 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
run command:

$ evolution --component=calendar

There's usually a launcher in the system's applications menu, I have it
filled as Office->Calendar.

Actually that's only on older Fedora/RHEL releases, and I've since done
away with that.  But you could add a launcher to your panel and change
its command as Milan suggested (right-click, Properties).  Could even
change the icon to a calendar if you want.

Matthew Barnes

Thanks, I will try it.  I cannot get calendar reminders to pop up on my
screen (they only show a small notification icon in the notification area)
so I keep missing appointments.  Since no one here or on Ubuntu forums seems
to know how to fix this, my workaround is for Evolution to open on the
Calendar page when I launch it.  This way I can see my upcoming events.  If
you happen to know how to make my reminders pop up a window on my desktop
automatically, I am all ears.

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