Re: [Evolution] shifting Evolution from one computer to another

 sudo cp -r $HOME/.evolution/ /media/IOMEGA/EVOLUTION/

I get the following error messages:

cp: cannot create regular file `/media/IOMEGA/EVOLUTION/.evolution/mail/config/et-expanded-mbox:_home_basu15_.evolution_mail_local#Inbox_R': Invalid argument

From the name of the place you are trying to copy to, it's a ZIP drive.  If
that is the case, then it is presumably a FAT32 formated disk.  In that
case the error is because the file name you are trying to create is invalid.
What I suggest you do is to copy the files to somewhere else in your
home filesystem, then tar them into a file with a FAT32 compatible name
and copy that to your removable media.


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